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Get Paid Weekly - Referral Agents

I have a sales position available. No experience or vehicle is needed. You will get paid commissions only.

The product you will sale, is benefit packages. You must first become a member, then you can become a sales rep and start earning commissions.

There are 3 different packages to choose. You will have to pay a monthly fee in order to keep your membership active.

The commissions you will earn will be $40-$80 on every membership.

Payday is every Friday by direct deposit.

Must be at least 18
Have internet access
Bank account for direct deposit
Must be motivated

No prepaid cards allowed. You will not get paid full commissions on prepaid cards.

Some states require you to have a license before you can sale these benefits(See picture)

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Go to website and choose one of the benefit packages
2. After your payment, click on become an associate
3. Fax in your documents(1-405-233-3940)
4. Start referring people

Bonnie Thurmond

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